Earth Resources in Mobile, AL    

What We Accept for Recycling

Please Sort into Two Groups

Group 1

Plastic Beverage Containers

PETE #1 or HDPE #2 only.
Milk jugs, soda, liquor, juice, water bottles & other household liquid containers.
Please REMOVE lids/caps, food containers, to-go foodpackaging, bleach bottles or plastic bags/wrap.

Aluminum Beverage Cans

Beer, Soda, etc... parts of lawn furniture

Steel/Tin Cans

Soup or food containers.


Food and beverage jars and bottles only. Clear, brown, amber, green and blue. Make glass visible or seperate from other containers. NO Corning/Pyrex/dining ware, light bulbs or window or mirror glass.

Containers should be rinsed and flattened when possible.

Group 2


Multi-ply corrugated and cardboard boxes. Remove strapping, styrofoam and plastic packing materials. Flatten all boxes by opening both top and bottom. No wax-coated (juice/milk) cartons.


Newspapers, magazines, junkmail, phone books, computer paper, cereal boxes and other single ply paper. No used tissues/
napkins/paper towels.

Not Sure if it's Recyclable?

Call: 666-4482 if you have questions.

... or put it in your bin. If we don't take it, you'll know next time.




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