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Do you want to quickly see a drastic decrease in your landfill-destined garbage and take pride in doing your part for our troubled environment?

We need your help to keep full-scale curbside recycling service alive in Mobile!

As you may know, locally owned and operated Earth Resources, LLC loyally served the Mobile area by picking up full-scale recyclable items including plastic, aluminum, steel, glass and paper from residential and commercial curbsides for nearly 15 years. Because of significant financial difficulties related primarily to lack of sufficient participation, the “old” Earth Resources company and their owners had to close their doors. As the only provider in Mobile, we did not want to see full-scale curbside recycling die along with it. In an effort to prevent this from happening, several of us got together and started a new company (Earth Resources, a GreenWise Company, LLC) to take over the residential and commercial recycling routes of the old company. We need your help!

One thing is very clear—increased participation from Mobile residents like you is CRITICAL to the success of the program. We are performing “bin drops” in different areas of Mobile in an effort to increase participation to ensure the longevity of this vital service. If our participation numbers continue to increase sufficiently, we will continue to provide loyal and improved service to all customers in the city. If we do not get significant increases in participation, we will be forced to terminate the project and full-scale curbside recycling in Mobile will disappear. We are steadily making progress but we still have a long way to go...please help us get there!

Please understand that we have done this in an effort to make recycling easy, because we understand that if recycling is easy, people will recycle. I hope you will strongly consider participating in this vital program. You will be shocked at how much of a difference one household can make!

With Warmest Regards We Remain,
Very Truly Yours,

Jimbo Yance
Tucker Yance
Richard Inge
Earth Resources, a GreenWise Company, LLC




Recycling helps preserve the world’s forests, water and other natural resources. We are proud to serve the Mobile, Alabama community.

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