Earth Resources in Mobile, AL    


Doing YOUR part for the planet...
AND for the improvement of our own little corner in Mobile, Alabama!

Earth Resources Recycling Service is Mobile, Alabama’s full-scale curbside recycling provider. We will pick up virtually all of your recyclable items conveniently from the curbside at your home or business.
Recycling helps cut down on land fill use, helps preserve our precious resources and ensures our planet will be a safer, cleaner place for future generations.

Isn't it time you started doing YOUR part to "reduce and reuse" instead of ignoring the problem and continuing to just send your garbage to the curb without a thought?




Recycling helps preserve the world’s forests, water and other natural resources. We are proud to serve the Mobile, Alabama community.

Earth Resources, a Greenwise Company, LLC | P.O. Box 1129 | Mobile, AL 36633-1129 | Ph: 251.666.4482
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